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What is Data Manager?

From user point of view: Our software enables the business users to easily and securely maintain the data they need for reporting that is not available in any other source system via dynamically generated screens in a familiar Microsoft Excel.   It is so easy to use that in most organizations, the users create their own screens.  

  • Easy: Copy and Paste from Existing Excel. 

  • Validated: List of values to help you in data selection.

  • Intuitive: Menus and Wizards take you right to your data.

  • Mass update: for example, change all the departments that are France to EU with one click.

Machine Learning to help

ML at your service: Your data is constantly analyzed  by our Machine Learning APIs.  Any input that is a suspect will be high lighted  for the users to make a final decision on.

For example, if you are maintaining a attribute on the  customer dimension table for strategic customer which are all in US, the software will inform you if the customer in France is set as a strategic customer.

  • Setup: Selecting a table to maintain triggers  our AI API that will setup most routing configuration for you

  • Access: Base on a similar user, the system will recommend and setup all Roles automatically.

How does it work?

Administration: It takes less than a minute to setup the system to connect to your report database.  Now you are ready to publish a screen to hundreds of users with in a minute.  Full control of who can update, add records and remove records.  No need to read documentation , trial and error, support call or specialized consultants.

  • No Coding: Not a single line of code to write

  • Role base system:  Once you add a system users to a role they only see the screens that belongs to them.

  • Single Sign on : it authenticate with your windows automatically.


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Scenario: To easily explain the power of BizGui, consider a requirement for reporting that requires several product attributes to be maintain in the reporting instance ( Data Warehouse) to facilitate an optimal management dashboard. The attributes in our scenario maybe, end of life flag, product tier,  best market for this product and sales channel.  These attributes are only known to product marketing and no other source system contains this information.  Below, please see how BizGui solves this requirement with ease.

Please note that any other dimension will work the same. for example, customer, calendar, product family, commissions or another.

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